E-463 fingered chords

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E-463 fingered chords

Unread post by Enioljr » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:37 am

I could't find the answer in the forums.
I used to play on a CASIO CT-X700 and it has a feature called "fingered on bass" that allows you to play the inverted chord (and shows the inverted chords
on the LCD screen), playing the bass line according to the chord inversion.
Is there any similar feature on the e463?
What I noticed is that every time I use the ACMP function the chords are in the fundamental position and the BASS is always the base chord note.
Is there any other way to play using the ACMP function and have the bass line to be played according to the chord inversion?
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Re: E-463 fingered chords

Unread post by 2112 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:32 am

In Yamahas this is more complex, because it is controlled per style and per each track in the style. You can finger any root/n-th inversion of a chord and Yamaha will display the root fingering. What will be actually played through the MIDI accompaniment channels depends on how the particular track was configured in a particular style. It can play either root note or the lowest note from the recognized chord fingering.

There's no official Yamaha documentation, but people successfully reverse-engineered the style format. I won't post links, but search the web for keywords like CASM, NTR (note transposition rule), NTT (note transposition table), "StyleFileDescription_v21".
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