PSR-E453, Can the Local Control Setting be Saved?

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PSR-E453, Can the Local Control Setting be Saved?

Unread post by PRock » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:31 pm

Hi folks... 1st post. :)

I've been using PSR keyboards for years. My latest one being the E-453.
99% of the time I use it with the "local control" setting to "off".
I don't know why I never thought to ask but, it would be so much easier for me if the keyboard was able to save the "local" control" setting to "off". Meaning, that mode would be saved and I would not have to set it each time I powered it on.

My guess is that it can't save this setting but, it can't hurt to ask the experts.

So... does anyone know if the "local control" set to "off" setting can be saved so that it would be set that way after I power on the keyboard?
If yes, please describe or explain where I can find the procedure to do so. Thanks

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Re: PSR-E453, Can the Local Control Setting be Saved?

Unread post by SeaGtGruff » Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:38 am

I’m sorry I didn’t notice this post back at the end of January!

No, the Local Control setting doesn’t get saved in either the Registration memories or the Backup memories, so unfortunately you need to turn it off each time. I think they probably designed it that way so people wouldn’t forget that it was off and freak out the next time they turned on their keyboard and it wouldn’t make any sounds!

However, if you’re using your keyboard as a controller with a computer or other MIDI device, you can turn the Local Control on or off by sending the correct MIDI message to the PSR-E453. I forget the exact message, but it’s a Channel Mode message, even though it affects all channels at once and can’t change the mode of an individual channel. It’s listed in the MIDI Implementation Chart in the MIDI Reference document.
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