Quick samples & user songs.

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Quick samples & user songs.

Unread post by wedgehed »

I'm considering the E-463, but want to verify that sounds loaded via Quick Sampling can be used when recording a User Song.

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Re: Quick samples & user songs.

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I was going to guess that sampled sounds can't be used in User Songs, but then I saw the following on page 39 of the Owner's Manual:
Performances using Sample Voices can be recorded on track 1 only.
This implies that sampled sounds can be used in User Songs, although they can only be used in track 1.

Note that a User Song is not an audio recording; it is only a MIDI recording, and there is no onboard operation for converting a User Song to an audio recording.

I think you should be able to use sampled sounds when recording an audio song, and you can certainly use the USB TO HOST connection to record the keyboard's audio output-- including the use of sampled sounds-- in a DAW.

As for using sampled sounds in a User Song, I suspect that the playback will be correct only as long as the samples are kept as is. That is to say, I suspect that if you overwrite the sampled sounds with new sampled sounds, the User Song will play back using the new sampled sounds.

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