Help! MDF2 MIDI Sysex

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Help! MDF2 MIDI Sysex

Unread post by anarathoth »

Hello! I'm new to this forum, happy to see it! I'm trying to recover old music from floppy disks that I recorded/made on a PSR 510 and MIDI bulk dumped onto floppy disks for storage. My old MDF2 seems to be done (and I just found a psr510 to upload to). I just replaced the belt on MDF2, but still get a "! no disk" message. Anyone out there have any ideas how to recover these files? I'm looking for a MDF3 but have had no luck. Any other way to get these files off old floppy's? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Help! MDF2 MIDI Sysex

Unread post by david.krause63 »

The floppies written on a MDF2 or MDF3 are MS-DOS format! (MDF2 is 720kB and MDF3 is 1,44MB in size.) So you can read and write it on any old personal computer containing a 3,5" floppy drive!

Thou you may have problems to read a floppy written on a MDF3 with the MDF2, because the MDF2 can't read the 1,44MB (which is high density) floppies (only 720kB which is double density)!


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Re: Help! MDF2 MIDI Sysex

Unread post by parametric »

anarathoth wrote: Fri Dec 27, 2019 2:25 am I just replaced the belt on MDF2, but still get a "! no disk" message.
IIRC - these older drives had physical sensors - in the form of little plastic spring-loaded "pins".

They were in fact "switches".

There was one that sat below the write-protect "hole" on the disk, whose job it was to detect if the disk

was write protected. (If the hole was OPEN, the pin was un-depressed - the disk WAS write protected)

If the hole was CLOSED, the pin was depressed - so the disk WAS write-enabled

The other Sensor sat on the Floor of the drive - near the front IIRC.

It's job was to detect the presence of a disk when it "snapped-down" on insertion.

So if the pin was "depressed" - it was telling the drive (electrically) that there was a Disk inserted.

PERHAPS - in your case, "No DISK" is telling you that this switch is faulty - OR, is physically stuck in the UP position.

If it's just stuck - then a workout might fix it? - or if not - a replacement would be do-able . . . .


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