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MODX Arpeggiator - Voice

Unread post by Ferenc » Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:53 pm

Hi! Does MODX have such a feature? Similar? Solution? ( Param. with Voice - Voice with ARP ) Is this possible in another way? I change voice, arpeggiator remains. Arpeggiator fix. Thanks!

(Motif XS owner manual 151 level)

"4 Param. with Voice[/size] (Parameter with Voice)

Determines whether or not the following parameter settings
of the selected Voice are copied from the Voice to the
current Part when you change a Voice for the current Part
• Arpeggio settings
• Filter Cutoff Frequency
• Filter Resonance
• Amplitude EG
• Filter EG
• Pitch Bend Range (Upper/Lower)
• Note Shift
n Regardless of the Parameter with Voice setting (4), the
settings of Mono/Poly ()), Portamento Part Switch (!),
Portamento Time and Portamento Mode are not "

(Motif XS owner manual 154 level)

" 6 Voice with ARP

To each type of the Arpeggio, the appropriate Voice is
registered. This parameter determines whether or not the
appropriate Voice registered to each Arpeggio type is
assigned to the edited Part. When set to “on,” the appropriate
Voice is assigned to the edited Part in place of the currently
assigned Voice. When set to “off,” the appropriate Voice is not
assigned to the edited Part. The currently assigned Voice is
maintained. The name of the Voice registered to the Arpeggio
Type is shown at the right side.
Settings: off (not copied), on (copied) "
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