MODX8 Polyphony Issue - HELP -

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Re: MODX8 Polyphony Issue - HELP -

Unread post by Kal1n_M » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:41 pm

Hey Joshuaedo, welcome to the forums!

It has been covered in a number of topics already, but basically, it is NOT a bug. One way or another you are hitting the 128 voice polyphony limit. So, to figure it out you should share more information about how did you setup this performance. Do you play all 4 parts at once? If yes... you should be aware that strings and pads played with sustain can eat your polyphony fast. You should consider turning off the sustain for these parts and eventually raising the Release (as in ADSR) for these parts so they don't cut off unnaturally.
Anyway, share some more info, you can also upload your performance to Soundmondo and share it here and maybe someone will figure out how to optimize it.
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