Correcting mistimed arp entries?

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Correcting mistimed arp entries?

Unread post by mitya » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:53 pm

Ther'es a ton of settings/controls in the MODX relating to timing - things with names like quantize, gate time etc - that I presently have little understanding of.

So I'm hoping one of them, or some combination, may be what I'm after and if anyone can confirm this.

Basically I'm wondering if there's anything the MODX can do to account for slightly mistimed - i.e. just off the beat when it should have been on it - arp entries.

So if I have a drum arp playing and I bring in a melodic arp just off the beat when it should have been on it, is there any sort of timing correction for that, to bring it in sync with the tempo?
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