MODX 32-bit Arm Linux Inside

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MODX 32-bit Arm Linux Inside

Unread post by josephdouce » Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:00 pm

At its heart, the Montage is just a 32-bit ARM Linux machine with some nice
custom DSP ASICs and shiny hardware. The firmware is stored in writeable
flash, so making the modification is both possible and fairly easy.
So I came across this for the montage ... 7a20707a81 and I'm assuming the MODX is the same. The chance of a good programmer getting there hands on a montage and diving into this was slim but now with the accessibility of the MODX there's a chance someone might dig a bit deeper. If we can push our own firmware updates/modifications the possibilities are endless. Even if we can just mount the file system and make it visible over USB this gives us chance to run custom startup scripts to make temporary changes and have easy access to them.

So where are all the programmers at :D
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