Tip for creating faster fixed arps

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Tip for creating faster fixed arps

Unread post by mitya » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:41 pm

Hey guys

Wanted to share this tip I came up with. Sorry if there's a better way or it's already obvious to most.

The problem: how to create fixed user arps and play them back at more than double speed.

Double speed seems to be the fastest you can set them (part > arpeggio > unit = 50%). I'm not sure why this is, when there are several options for setting a slower speed.

It then occured to me you could record an arp AS an arp and thus double the speed each time.


1) Creating the initial arp

1.1) Choose an instrument
1.2) In the left nav, choose play/rec
1.3) Set the tempo low enough that you can play your arp without error
1.4) Record your arp
1.5) Save it as an arp by clicking the midi recording title (at the top) and, in the ensuing left nav, clicking user arp
1.6) On the user arp page, save the arp as a 'fixed' arp and remember to set the start/end bars, then save to a slot.
1.7) Now go back to your instrument, and assign the newly-created arp to it.

2) Recording the arp as a new arp

2.1) Choose an instrument
2.2) Edit it and assign as its arpeggio the arp you just made
2.3) In the arp settings, set unit to 50%, doubling the playback spee
2.4) Go back to the performance screen and, in the left nav, once again go to play/rec
2.5) Ensure part/master arp are on, and record the arp playing
2.6) Repeat steps 1.5 and 1.6 to save the new arp - save it over the original arp you made

Now, when you come to use this arp in a performance, and once again set unit = 50%, it'll be four times faster than it was originally recorded in 1.4.

You can obviously repeat this process to go even faster, if you need it super fast.

Now someone will tell me there's a much simpler way of doing this! :lol:
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