MODx maybe soon

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MODx maybe soon

Unread post by indietronic » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:04 pm

hello there YamahaMusicians ! Having used a number of synths during the past 30 years or so , the time has come for a new addition . So , i playtested the Modx7 yesterday at my local Yamaha retailer store , and i have some questions that need answers.

1) first and more important : is the keybed on the modx6 the same as in modx7 ? i tested the 7 , if this is identical to the one on 6 i may go with 6.
2) i noticed a displacement of my fingerprint , i mean i had to touch/press much lower on the screen to be able to click to a point/option/window that looked higher on the screen. the distance could be even 1 or even more cm . is this thing somehow calibrated or what ? have had tritons and fa's (in the past) , still NO problems , first time actually i face such a "problem" ...
3) there IS of course a lag , but i guess i can live with it . what you say ? any chance this is improved by s/w in the future ?
4) i was really impressed of the sounds on it (well my last yammie , was a mox6 , some 8-10 years ago i think) i found the polyphony ok and the build EVEN better that i expected . any problems unsolved at the moment ? you users think this is a good moment for such a purchase ? i mainly compose on Ableton Live , and play piano and string at my free time . need a rompler , just one i think , old-school guy you see...

and finally :

5) anyone here using HS7 active monitors ? i was about to give them to a friend of mine , but the idea of an All-Yamaha mini setup seems to excite me , at the moment

thank you , looking forward to your opinions and answers .
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Re: MODx maybe soon

Unread post by Saul » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:47 pm

Hi indietronic, welcome to :)

So first up yes the keybed in the MODX6 & 7 are the same.

The screen can be calibrated and works really well after that so no problems there.

There is a slight lag but you can turn off some or all the visual effect and that helps. I didn't find the lag any worse than other touch screens I have used though.

Yamaha will be releasing regular updates for MODX but bear in mind it is still a relatively new keyboard, having only been launched at the beginning of Sept last year so just over 4 months out of the gate.

I had the HS7's on test and I found them to be excellent. I would have kept them but the only place I could put them at the time would have been too close to a wall and they are not ideal for that position so I went for a pair of KRK's instead. I would though definitely consider them again as I have more space to locate them.

Hope that helps a little? I am sure the guys will chip in with their thoughts and suggestions pretty soon so hang in there.
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Re: MODx maybe soon

Unread post by indietronic » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:21 pm

Thank you Saul for your answers . unfortuanately i see that modx6 is in shortage on and couple other central EU distributors . wo waiting for new stock to arrive , then i guess i will proceed !
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