External power supplies

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External power supplies

Unread post by Normhart » Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:36 am

What kind of symptoms would show up due to a defective PA-150B? Not one that’s completely dead, of course but one not producing steady voltage? Is it like what would happen in, say, a laptop computer (freezing/lockups, errors, generally unreliable operation etc. etc.)? I had an issue recently that was a power related one where my MODX was mysteriously locking up and not lighting up all LEDs (requiring a restart) when I played the keyboard hard - i.e. high velocity response. I’ve sort of minimized the possibility of mechanical causes or even defective internal components by moving the keyboard to another electrical outlet (and the addition of a voltage regulator). The problem disappeared upon doing this but I’m still curious about the PA-150B.

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