Bosendorfer oddity

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Bosendorfer oddity

Unread post by Kentkeys » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:04 pm

Apologies if the following has been discussed already in these forums. I did a quick search and didn't discover anything...

I have found something odd in one of the performances in the downloadable Bosendorfer sample library. In the performance called Imperial PopRock, something peculiar happens to the G above middle C when I twiddle the super knob on my MODX8. When the knob is turned to the extreme left, everything sounds normal. But when it is turned to the extreme right, the G sounds muffled compared to the other notes around it. I haven't noticed this effect with any of the other Bosendorfer performances, or with any other notes in this performance.

I would be interested to know whether other MODX owners experience the same effect or whether it is somehow unique to my set-up. One possibility is that I might be using an out-of-date Bosendorfer file because it was supplied to me by my dealer on a USB stick and may have been superseded by a later version.

Looking forward to your feedback.
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