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Re: MODX Essential Knowledge Guide

Unread post by EduardoLuis » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:19 pm

Hi Derek:

You are right.- Korg and Yamaha have's diferent sounding, so any comparision becomes unusefull.-
I've never had a Yamaha keyboard, why, i can't answer.-
My first keyboard was a controler (Roland A-33) that i connect with several sound modules (Roland SC-88, Korg 05RW, later i replace all of them for Roland A90 EX controller and a JV-2080 and Korg N1-rand, external sequencer SC55 MKII; that hardware was to heavy, specially A90 to move on gig, so a friend was selling a NOS Korg M3 88, and i sold A90 and sequencer; then appears KORG Kronos, but initially the price was to high, so i wait and later bought a Kronos 2 88, less heavy than A90, and with 9 engines and Karma that expands musical creation.- Then it appears Montage, but as i mention previously, in my country it's price it's too much (today U$S 7.600), so when i heard about MODX and see lots of demos published, i say myself: i must go for it to provide - as you did - a big pallete of sounds.-
Next month - as provider publish in my country - will come the first units, and i'll be there to test it; although i have no doubts with this new kybd, i allways make a personal test, specially keybed response.-
About sound, if my Kronos match well with a pair of SWR California Blondee II, i'm sure MODX will sound like a charm.-
Finally for what i've read, arpeggiators on MODX provides similar capabilities for creating musical riffs as Karma engine.- That looks promising.-
Only i must be patient and wait.-
Thanks for your suggestions.-
With regards.
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