Synchronizing Arpeggiator, Sidechain to a drummer

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Synchronizing Arpeggiator, Sidechain to a drummer

Unread post by Ivan Jochner » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:21 pm

Hi All Montage/ Modx users,

For me the time has come to make a final decision on buying Montage/ Modx.

Doing a lot of Live Stage work i am a bit struggling with my drummer ( kepping sharp ears to get my Motif Xs synchronised with drumers' click .(Most of the performances are with arpeggios). So i have to press keys 1000% in time with the click.

Simetimes its successfull sometimes its terrible to keep up in time .

Is the situation bettter with Modx ?

E.g. (If i hit 1/64 note earlier, will MODX with a microphone set into a Drummer Bass Drum correct the rythm on the FLY automatically?

Who has got a real experiece with such performances ?

Thanks in advance!
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