Insane Sustain - Pedal Issue?

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Re: Insane Sustain - Pedal Issue?

Unread post by PotionSequencer »

Utility -> Settings -> Sound -> Sustain Pedal -> FC3A (Half On)

See page 187 of the Reference Manual.

The Yamaha FC3A was twice as much as the PROLINE pedal where I bought the MODX. I was completely unaware of this half-damper capability, so I went for the cheaper option. Interestingly, it does "work" with the PROLINE pedal, but the range in which it's in half-damper mode is so small that it would be very difficult to hit consistently.

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Re: Insane Sustain - Pedal Issue?

Unread post by stixstudios »

Thanks again people.

Yes, the FC3A, the FC3A, the FC3A... I probably should get it tattooed on my forehead!!! otherwise I might end up purchasing the wrong bl**dy one and come back to this thread complaining that it doesn't work!

This is one instance where I'm happy to buy the proper original Yamaha FC3A, lest there be any other issues.

Interestingly the "expression" pedal I have (a clone) has the switch as mentioned. When I originally set it up to control the Mod wheel, I remember having to set it to "normally closed" which was the opposite to what I thought - in any case, it works as required.

Anyway, when I do get the FC3A, and if things don't work out as expected, then I'll blame Yamaha for not including "aftertouch" on the keybed, because if they did, then none of this would ever have happened and I would have just purchased the correct sustain pedal in the first place. :twisted:

Ok, so finally I've put my "money where my mouth is" and purchased an FC-3A. Should get it in the next week. Surprisingly hard to come by and had to order it from inter-state. Pretty expensive, around 5% of what the MODX7 cost me :o

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Re: Insane Sustain - Pedal Issue?

Unread post by Saul »

THAT is one very expensive pedal! Still, at least you have the right one and it IS Yamaha so should work fine :)

I had never really thought much about pedals until recently. I have only ever owned three, one of which, the FC7 I still have because that is incredibly useful in controlling the 'Super Knob' on the MODX without taking your hands off the keys :)

I normally have a fair bit of reverb on my acoustic piano sounds and it works with the style in which I play so sustaining notes with a pedal doesn't often come into it.

Anyway let us know how it goes with the FC3A :)
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Re: Insane Sustain - Pedal Issue?

Unread post by Geggio66 »

Hi everyone and congratulations for the forum .... I need your help to complete a setup with my Modx that I can't do
After creating various performances composed of different sounds I was able to customize everything by adjusting various parameters such as the pich reverb split the dynamics etc. all put into the fiction scene and so far so smooth ... yesterday I created a performance that has inside a flute stamp and only on that I would like to take away the sustain but when I get to the menu where the voice is present and I go to put off the sustain voice for the flute the sustain continues to intervene ....... I tried to fiddle around following the manual but nothing .... someone can help me and I apologize for my english
Thank you Eugenio in advance

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