Headset (vocoder) IMG HM-30

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Headset (vocoder) IMG HM-30

Unread post by redglass » Fri May 03, 2019 2:42 pm

Just tried out two different headsets for vocoder-fx with MODX.

IMG HM-30 (21 €)


Shure WH-20 XLR (125 €)


Though the frequency range of the shure goes much lower I was not able to hear a big difference when using the vocoder effect of the MODX. Headsets were connected to audio input 1/left of the MODX. Gain was on quarter past 12, having a compressor on insert A and the vocoder fx on insert B.

Shure Headset: very good quality build, comfortable headset, flexible and fits on small and big heads. Input signal was very little lower compared to IMG HM-30 and using it as a pure vocal headset would deliver a better sound compared to the HM-30 as the frequency range goes down to 50 Hz in theory, compared to 300 Hz with HM-30. As it has an XLR-connector, you need an adapter-cable for a few Euros with recommended length of at least 1,5 m.

IMG HM-30: also good quality build, stable, but the HM-30 is rather made for humans with smaller head circumference. With my head circumference (61 cm) I was not able to wear the headset over the ears, only under the ears, which works well too. It has a very long cable (4 m) with jack connector 3,5 mm & 6,3 mm adapter so you can plug it in directly into the MODX. As I am using it only for vocoder fx I am happy with it as I was not missing any low end in vocoder - modulator signal for a good result.

Finally I sent back the Shure today and stay with the IMG HM-30 which I recommend. Though it is build for small heads you can try to wear it under the ears. If you need a better background-vocal headset I would go for the Shure headset or better a proper microphone like Shure SM58 or comparable. The Pros of the IM-HM30 are the much longer cable with the jack connector and off course the much lower price.

Cheers, Bastian
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