Program Change - Ableton

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Program Change - Ableton

Unread post by mvaladis » Fri May 17, 2019 1:10 pm

Hello there !
I have a Korg Kronos , Yamaha Modx and a MacBook Pro for Backing Tracks. It will very useful for me , when I triggered a scene in Ableton ,keyboards automatically , change sounds especially for song that Ableton scene played .
-5pin midi cable from audio interface Midi Out to Korg Kronos Midi In.
-5pin midi cable from Korg Kronos Midi Thru to Yamaha Modx midi in
So, I made midi track in Ableton , set midi ports , set midi channels, I create a midi clip , turn off the loop, and set the program number in program change .
Korg Kronos program change works fine with
one number deviation (when I set program 10 , Korg Kronos goes to 9 program)
Yamaha Modx doesn’t work in this setup. I made these changes for better results but nothing . I connect midi out from interface to Yamaha modx’s midi in . I select in midi menu in utility the MIDI and not the USB. I set Single mode midi and the right midi channel and not multi mode .
What is going wrong in Yamaha Modx ? Am I wrong in software or hardware setup ?
What I have to do when I want to change sound in the middle of a scene in Ableton ?(different sound in intro/verse/chorus/bridge) Can a have a longest midi clip that sends 2 information of program change , one at the begging and one in the middle ?

Thank you in advanced !
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Re: Program Change - Ableton

Unread post by Ivan Jochner » Sun May 19, 2019 6:55 pm

Does Midi Out - to Modx Midi In work fine on its own without Korg ?
If it does something wrong in your connection in the first place.
If not u have to sort out whether Ableton or Modx or both.
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Re: Program Change - Ableton

Unread post by SeaGtGruff » Sun May 19, 2019 10:29 pm

You’re correct that Ableton Live’s Program Change value— abbreviated “Pgm”— is increased by 1, or goes from 1 to 128 instead of from 0 to 127.

Live also adds 1 to the Bank Select MSB and LSB values— which it calls “Bank” and “Sub”— so you must adjust for that as well.

For the values used by the MODX, I am looking at the “MIDI Data Table” on pages 187 - 188. I don’t have a MODX, so I can’t try any of them, but following are some examples from that table:

GM Voice (Normal Voice)
MSB 0, LSB 0, Program 0 - 127
In Live— Bank 1, Sub 1, Pgm 1 - 128

GM Drum (Drum Voice)
MSB 127, LSB 0, Program 0
In Live— Bank 128, Sub 1, Pgm 1

Preset 1 (Single Part Performance)
MSB 63, LSB 0, Program 0 - 127
In Live— Bank 64, Sub 1, Pgm 1 - 128

User 1 (Single Part Performance)
MSB 63, LSB 32, Program 0 - 127
In Live— Bank 64, Sub 33, Pgm 1 - 128

Library 1 (Single Part Performance)
MSB 63, LSB 40, Program 0 - 127
In Live— Bank 64, Sub 41, Pgm 1 - 128

Preset 1 (Multi Part Performance)
MSB 64, LSB 0, Program 0 - 127
In Live— Bank 65, Sub 1, Pgm 1 - 128

Page 1 (Live Set Slot)
MSB 62, LSB 0, Program 0 - 15
In Live— Bank 63, Sub 1, Pgm 1 - 16

And so on...

If you’re trying to change the program on a specific part, be sure you’re sending on the corresponding MIDI channel.
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