Most annoying thing about the MODX...

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Most annoying thing about the MODX...

Unread post by mitya » Fri May 24, 2019 4:26 pm

Love my MODX. In awe of its potential.

However - and I've raised this in the future fixes wishlist, but to me it's such a silly oversight that it deserves its own thread - there is one REALLY annoying thing that really needs fixing, IMHO.

I did ask a while ago whether I was missing something. Reply came there none, so I'll assume I'm not, and it really is a missing feature.

Drumroll please... which is apt, since it concerns drums. Specifically: you can't reassign the sliders associated with individual keys within a drum part.

So if a drum part considers A# 4 as its bass drum, say, there's nothing you can do to stop the first slider affecting any key other than A# 4. If I create a drum arp that uses the same kit but a different snare - say, G# 4 rather than A# 4 - there's no way I can tell the slider to affect that key - it will always affect A# 4. You can use drumkey to configure individual keys, but it won't change what the sliders are bound to.

This oversight is so annoying that it's almost worth bypassing dedicated drum parts completely and setting up drums using init AWM parts instead, and just assigning the various drums/cymbols WAVs to the keys you want to use. With this approach, since the drum/cymbol wav is assigned to the element as a whole, the slider will always affect it. I can then use splits to decide which keys I want which drum on.

Shouldn't be necessary, but the only workaround I've found. Anyone any other ideas?
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