Syncing MODX7

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Syncing MODX7

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Hello - Please forgive me if this basic topic has already been addressed in other posts. I wasn't able to find it, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a problem getting the MODX7 to respond to Midi Time Code coming from a Motu box.

There is definitely mtc coming down the midi din connector, but no response from the modx. I believe I have all the midi settings correct (designating midi as the connector, setting "midi" as the sync source, etc..) but to no avail. I mainly want to trigger the pattern sequencer on the modx. In midi sync mode, shouldn't I NOT be able to press play on the modx sequencer (in other words, the mod would only play upon receiving sync)? Here, the play button still responds manually while in sync mode - kind of perplexing.

I'm also having the same problem getting the modx sequencer/arpeggiator to trigger using Audio Beat Sync. Is there some simple setting I've missed out on?? I hope so :) Thanks in advance! Note - Strangely, I did get the modx to sync (inconsistently) routing mtc from Logic via usb into the modx).

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