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Privia Px-560 or alternative

Unread post by martl » Tue Mar 10, 2020 3:02 pm

Hello guys.

I'm sorry to tell you I'm back with almost the same question, as a year ago. You helped me to choose a piano and I did spend a wonderful year with PX-560, but life brings changes and I'm currently out-of-piano again. And I hope you will help me to choose once more.

So as we know there is still no successor to PX-560 as I have read the last post here about the subject. Now I must decide, if I buy PX-560 once more or is there something close enough from other companies.

The reason I doubt is also the same than year ago - PX-560 is quite old keyboard, from year 2015 and I miss better sounds and new technologies.

I try to make a list about expected features, also what I did like with PX-560 or where I expect more:

1. no less than 88 keys - PX-560 keys I really liked!
3. Big touch screen - yes, we can connect iPad to many synths but this is not so convinient any time you just want to play and have fun. Or quickly perform or etc.
2. Internal speakers - this is good to have but I'm ready to go also if speakers are missing. Double head-phones connection was good in PX-560.
3. Audio-in connectivity - I really liked I can connect my phone or pad and quickly listen some tracks or play and practice, if on headphones. I could hear the phone and piano sounds together from headphones.
3. built in piano sounds - I really enjoyed Casio piano sounds. I have now searched and listened a lot of videos about other brands, I like the most of the piano-sounds from expensive Yamaha models (but of course below 1500€), like MODX and etc.
4. synthesizer and layering sounds - Really good on Px-560! I enjoy the feature I can customize almost any built-in sound, combine sounds into layers, add effects and etc. Sometimes I need to combine different instruments to different parts on keyboard - multi-split. I also liked the feature I can split the piano for example so that two players have same octaves. Like together play a teacher and a student independent parts on one keyboard.
5. pitch bend and modulation wheels, customizable.

6. The arranger - so this is the feature that kills a lot of potential choices. I just need sometimes a possiblity to quickly play the backings - base, chords and drums. PX-560 has a basic arranger, it was decent but I'd hope a developement here. But I havent found any other brand models with arranger and also with other options covered. Is there any? I'd go for MODX at once, but as I understand it does not feature an arranger.

So if you read the list, is there any more choices currently or only PX-560?

Thanks, I wait for your feedback.

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Re: Privia Px-560 or alternative

Unread post by cavalencia » Tue Mar 10, 2020 3:21 pm

I was recently in the same situation, evaluating options for an upgrade from a PX350. I found that Casio now offers the PX S3000 but it is more focused on being a portable piano than offering all the characteristics you mention in your post, it also seems to have issues with the touch of black keys (check thepianoforever youtube channel). So I evaluated Yamaha and found the DGX660 which offers everything you mention in your post but it is a model from 2016 (?), the touch is not completely similar to a piano but it has to be really good for gigs, being kind of heavy to carry around. I decided to buy the Yamaha P515 which is more focused on piano sounds offering excellent key action but it doesn´t have many different sounds or rhythms and, to be able to use it at full potential, it is recommended to connect a tablet to it but you can still use all features with the buttons at the top, which is better than those electric pianos which have some options on the piano keys. I am very happy with the P515 so I suggest to find a Yamaha store and try it yourself.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Privia Px-560 or alternative

Unread post by martl » Tue Mar 24, 2020 12:44 pm


Thank you for yor reply.

I have finally tried P515. Well, I can say that it's a hell of the good piano. But it's not enough, it's not what I'm looking for now. For this price also.

I also tested DGX660, it was a year ago when I was in same situation. DGX660 was also great but not enough. So then I chose PX-560 for reasons I mentioned in my post. And I have not found any modern model that is close enough to it. In parts yes and more but not this complete package. Thats too bad, and strange also. I'm starting to understand, why people have many keyboards at home, not just one! :)

So I have ordered again PX-560. I will certainly be happy with that, no doub't.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Re: Privia Px-560 or alternative

Unread post by Saul » Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:13 pm

It's a shame that Casio has not yet brought out a successor to the PX-560. It is a great keyboard and perhaps they don't feel that it needs any update just yet? They seem to be concentrating more on digital pianos and their Grand Hybrid at the moment.

I know you have already gone with the PX-560 again marti but did you also check out the Roland RD-88?

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