Using the audio interface in CP88 with Logic

Covers both the Yamaha CP73 & CP88

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Using the audio interface in CP88 with Logic

Unread post by Boqvist » Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:29 am

1. I want to route the audio from the CP88 via USB to the Mac computer where I have created an aggregate device of the CP88 + Motu 896HD. The aggregate device works fine but I can´t figure out how I route the audio from the CP88 to the Output channel of the aggregate device. I am using Logic as a DAW. The CP88-manual sais that you should be able to record audio via USB.

2. I also want to create an instrument in Logic that I can use to record my piano playing on the CP88. I want it to work like a "plug-in" which means that when I bounce a projekt I want the piano track to be included. The midi works fine but I don't here anything through my sound card (the aggregate device). I also want to be able hear the piano even when I am not recording. (monitoring of some sort?)

How do I do this, anyone?


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Re: Using the audio interface in CP88 with Logic

Unread post by Saul » Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:54 am

Hi Per, welcome to the forums :)

That's an interesting setup you have there! Not many 18 year old audio interfaces I can think of that still work today ((i))

So I guess the first thing is to establish that the audio from the CP88 can actually be routed to the MOTU 896.

Have you checked that the audio from the CP88 is being recorded in Logic over USB without the MOTU 896 in the mix? Want to make sure the audio is actually making it into the computer first before we tackle getting it out to the MOTU.

As for creating an instrument in Logic, this is not something I have ever looked at doing. I record direct into a track from guitar or keyboard and mix from there.
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