RE: Yamaha CP73 / Soundcard Issue (help?)

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RE: Yamaha CP73 / Soundcard Issue (help?)

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Hi folks,

I recently updated the OS on my fairly new CP73, no problem.

However, I wanted to start taking advantage of the library of uploaded user-patches on SoundMondo. As I understand it you have to 'allow' SoundMondo to have control of your PC - a pop-up window appears. Obviously you click 'allow.' Then, what is supposed to happen is that you are able to temporarily load the preset (ie. it is not stored) onto the CP73 and you can play/audition it in this manner.

The issue I have is that every time I connect the USB cable from the CP to the PC the former hijacks all of the audio-drivers on my laptop. I use (for Cubase and everything else) a h/w CI2+ Steinberg soundcard and everything get totally messed up (I have to reset it all from scratch!) every time I plug the CP in.

The CP has, I believe, it's own audio-drivers so that you can record straight into a PC (via USB) without the need for an external soundcard. This is all well and good but not a function that I am looking for at the moment. I would much rather be able to retain my PC audio-drivers in place whilst being able to enjoy the benefits offered by SoundMondo.

Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.

Paul David Seaman

Cubase 9.5 / Sibelius 8.5

Dell Inspiron N5040, Windows 10 Home, 16GB RAM, 64-bit, 2.13gHz, Service Pack 1.
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