Anyone else detecting 'dirty' samples?

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Anyone else detecting 'dirty' samples?

Unread post by jicamasalad »

Greetings folks,

I am new to the site and Forum, but have been a proud Yamaha player since 1984 when I purchased my DX7! I still have and use that and a QX1, TX802, RX5, TX81Z and, until recently, a KX88.

The CP88 is my able update for the KX88, and I love it.

However, my ears detect a little bit of distortion in one of the samples, and it's beginning to bother me; specifically the U1 upright, the C-F keys in the third octave from the bottom of the keyboard. It clearly not present in the samples in the n ext octave up (which one would hope and expect are different samples!)

The sound is a slight, subtle rattling in the attack of the piano note, more noticeable when you play hard. When I voice chords with multiple notes in this range, the dirty sound layers up and becomes quite obvious to my ear - if I were recording this instrument in the studio and heard this sound I would go looking for a rattling snare drum and flip the snares off!

Can any of you users please give this a listen on your instruments and let me know if you detect it as well? For those using the CP88 live I'm sure it is not a big deal at all, maybe not even noticeable, but I use it to record, and am finding this dirty sound to be a bit of a buzz kill. I'm hoping that if enough players hear the sound (and let Yamaha know) maybe Yamaha will update the U1 samples in a future software release.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes to you all!


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Re: Anyone else detecting 'dirty' samples?

Unread post by VinceDrizcoll »

Dear kS, dear musicians, dear Yamaha,

I have also discovered this distortion like buzzing noise in the U1 Sample on OS 1.31. I checked again with a pair of in-ear monitors and to me it sounds like there are quite a few more notes that produce this effect apart from the ones kS mentioned. This being said, and also because of the fact that the U1 sample is partially detuned (especially in the bass), I believe that Yamaha is purposely trying to mimic the sound of an old rather 'beat-up' upright. I guess that the buzzing noise was added intentionally just like the sound of a noisy action.

Though I really like the overall roughness of the U1 sample, I definitely agree with kS, that a fix in the next OS update removing the artificial seeming buzz noise would make many CP88/76 users (me included) very happy about having a more usable, more realistic representation of this famous Yamaha piano.

Best greetings to all and thanks to Yamaha for building an outstanding digital piano like this!

Vince Drizcoll

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