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Dowina Acero

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My Dowina Acero came about a half year ago, so I had some time to spend with it. My first meeting with Dowina was in Minden Musik Oevermann GmbH music store, where they offering only the best acoustic guitars. I was offered a cup of coffee and as much time as I needed to pick up the guitar that resonates with my heart. You can check the brands in their stock. I realised I found myself in Eden. :) I need to admit that I was in a very comfortable situation that was not short of budget.
All those guitars were marvelous but my heart was stolen by Dowina Acero dreadnought. So I decided to order this model withy my little mods. I ordered it open pore finished, 12 cm depth ( standard is about 10cm) and with L.R. Baggs Anthem eq.
So this Acero is absolutely gorgeous. It is beautiful and very inspirational. It suits me perfectly and I love it even more then the one I tried in the store. Ofcourse it came with perfect set up, ready to go. Here I must say that people doing this set up in Dowina are true masters! Tunning and feeling is perfect! You can trust them 100% and buy it by email order without any hesitation.
This sound kind of honey smoothness works like compression in studio so it mix perfectly with other instruments before any eq or compressor is added, while the arrpegio parts are loud and very selective. When I recorded Martin d 25 with grand piano the guitar seemed to be thin... becouse grand piano stole all the bass frequenties. This Acero sounds with grand piano like an equal instrument. It matches grand piano so well that we even decided to leave drum tracks. It is massive and dynamic.
The other thing is when I was recording it I could smell this wood :))) It is so nice and relaxing. You forget that you are in studio recording session :)
I use this guitar on my solo live shows so it gives me mostly very strong rythmic and harmonic foundations. But its long sustain and playablity makes it also perfect fingerstyle choice. Usually I have 3 guitars on the stage, but lately I found myself playing almost the whole setlist on my Acero. It is very universal instrument and if I had to choose one guitar to cover the full spectrum of rythmic, dynamic, harmonic, volume and beauty that would be definitelly Dowina Acero Dreadnought.
Another surprise for me was the hardcase. I considered buying this hiscox abs case, because wood cases I experienced were so heavy. Dowina case is another piece of art and I love it! This purple interior and details wow !! Guitar fits in like it was in second skin. Actually after few months it appears also very delicate so now it looks much more vintage, but guitar seems to be very safe in it. :D

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