power amp that can be used as a hifi amp

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power amp that can be used as a hifi amp

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For some time, I wanted a power amplifier, not a 200-300 Watt pro-channel at 8 ohms (I have 8 ohms 84db speakers), but something like 125-150 Watt at 8 ohms, I will not play too loud real for maximum power amplifiers, how much power my speakers can handle and relatively how low the sensitivity of my speakers is.

I want to have a power amplifier so that I can play louder and more dynamic when I play as loud as I do now, the sound will be a little more relaxed because the amplifier is a bit farther away from me, this is the limit where many small amplifiers often distort, sound aggressive or both as if I am trying to play loud using a small 50-watt amplifier against a larger 125-150 watt amplifier.

I know that you can use a pas ampere as an A500 watchdog (without fans) and a few weeks ago I so they're going to release an A800 watchdog with more power, but it's almost a month before the reboot date, the date when stores like the German store Thomann can deliver one, the new A800 watchdog is a class d amplifier and, to my surprise, it's even cheaper than an A500 Beringer (about 200 euros per A500).

What's the best cheap pas power amplifier without fans that can be used as a hi-fi amplifier?

How many of you use a power amplifier like some 400-600W corona amplifier (some of the crowns of the pas amp must be really good to use a Hifi amplifier for high-powered, hungry, low impedance speakers, sensitivity).

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