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Re: Chaos Germany!

Unread post by parametric » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:04 am

Saul wrote:
Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:41 pm
Quite why we build such small houses and apartments I don't know.
Probably because you can fit more people into a given plot if you build flats, which = more profit.

Why should developers care about quality of life? . . . They ain't gonna be living there . . .

(And neither are the Politicians/Councillors that helped them along).

If you notice, these people always talk about "Homes" (when they actually mean Flats)

And on that subject, I just found this, which is rather nice:

This is stated NOT to be the album Track, but a recording done by and for the BBC in 1972

Mike's Bass sound GREAT . . . .


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Re: Chaos Germany!

Unread post by purcell » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:04 am

From 1972 and still working everywhere: GET ´EM OUT BY FRIDAY! ... :lol:
Really a very old story!...
still very modern!

"Get 'Em Out by Friday" involved relocating tenants from London to Harlow New Town.
Click this and find the photo!

"Get 'Em Out by Friday" is a song described as a "comic opera" that Gabriel described as "part social comment, part prophetic".[22][26] It was partly inspired by Gabriel's own landlord problems he was having with his flat on Campden Hill Road,[25] and a television documentary he had seen about housing in the borough of Islington.[27] Similar to "Harold the Barrel" and "The Fountain of Salmacis" from Nursery Cryme, the song features characters with Gabriel adopting a different vocal style for each one. The track features four characters: John Pebble, a business man of Styx Enterprises; Mark Hall (aka The Winkler) an employee of Styx who evicts tenants; Mrs. Barrow, a tenant of a house owned by Pebble; and Joe Everybody, a customer in a pub.[28] The song starts with Hall informing Mrs. Barrow that her property has been purchased and must be evicted, but she refuses to leave, leaving Pebble to raise her rent. Hall then offers Mrs. Barrow £400 to move to a new property in Harlow New Town, which she does, before Pebble raises her rent again. After an instrumental section, the date is 18 September 2012 and Genetic Control announce on a Dial-A-Program television service its decision to shorten the height of all humans to 4 ft. Joe reasons this so housing blocks will be able to accommodate twice as many people.[28] Rutherford and Collins singled out "Get 'Em Out by Friday" as one of the early Genesis songs that suffered from Gabriel's dense lyrics which made the track busy and crowded.[29] Collins reasoned this as a downfall to the band's typical method of song writing whereby a track recorded instrumentally with the vocals written and recorded afterwards.[30] Nevertheless, Rutherford considered the lyrics to be among Gabriel's best.[31]
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