GEM RP-X Module

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GEM RP-X Module

Unread post by mf_blues » Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:38 pm

Has anyone here got one of the above or used one, I'm considering adding one to use with my Ensemble, mainly cus the piano sounds that I have read about are supposed to be the best.

Also if I did add it to my current setup would the pedals on my ensemble all work properly through the midi connections or would I need seperate ones, that would be a big foobar.


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Re: GEM RP-X Module

Unread post by brunorc » Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:40 am

I got one and connected it to my Fatar SL-880, so now I have an Italian Grand Piano. I have to admit, it's just awesome; the sound is so vivid and inspiring! There are two classical grand pianos (I'm talking about presets), one bright and heavy - for romantic and later stuff - and one more mellow (I was SO happy to practice some Bach on it). There are also some nice electric pianos, which can saturate softly - they made me addicted to playing "Riders on the Storm" ;-)

Got mine for 300EUR, and I think it's a decent price for it. Didn't try any editing yet, have to download the software. There are some string & pad sounds thrown into, cannot say much about them - all I know is that they react pretty ugly to the modulation wheel, I hope the software can be used to fix it. Anyway, I don't give a shit, a have a plethora of other sound sources I can use to create pads, strings and whatnot. This box could have only a dozen presets, and it still would be worth getting!

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