PSR SX600 Keyboard split problem

Based on the PSR-S series, the SX series models have been completely redesigned and come with a wide array of exciting new features for even more playing, composition and songwriting possibilities.

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PSR SX600 Keyboard split problem

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Hi, newbie here with a PSR SX600 (I also have an MX61).
The manual is not very easy to follow, so I've been following You Tube videos in the main, but I can't figure out an issue with freehand playing when splitting the keyboard.
I basically want one voice in the left and another in the right, but when I follow the instructions, I can split the keys ok at any place, but the left hand basically goes up an octave, whereas I want the normal keys.
Am I missing something? Can someone please give me a…login to view the rest of this post

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