Based on the PSR-S series, the SX series models have been completely redesigned and come with a wide array of exciting new features for even more playing, composition and songwriting possibilities.

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Unread post by Rattler » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:09 pm

Hi !.. Having owned a Tyros 5 some while ago, then a Nord Piano !, I have now moved back to Yamaha in the shape of an sx900 .. which I an enjoying !.
BUT, I could really do with access to some Tutorials to shortcut my way back into my 900.
The ones I have seen on the Yamaha site and Youtube are ok but insufficient in many ways .. and as usual i find difficulty translating the Owners Manual and Reference Manual !
So my question is, are there any different sx 900 Tutorial to be had ?. Or will there be any soon.
I would appreciate any help in this.
Thanks for having me on your forum.

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Re: Tutorials.

Unread post by SeaGtGruff » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:07 am

Welcome, Rattler!

I don't think I've seen any tutorial videos for the PSR-SX models yet, at least not what I'd call tutorials-- more like demos and advertisements.

Hopefully some of the PSR-SX owners will start putting some actual tutorial videos together.

Or were you talking about something from Yamaha? Yamaha doesn't seem to do many, if any at all, training or tutorial videos the way some of the other keyboard companies do.
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Re: Tutorials.

Unread post by Saul » Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:42 am

Welcome to the forums Rattler :)

It's fairly early days for the PSR-SX900. Some parts of the world still have not seen it in stock at their dealers.

I would guess that most people who own one who would be likely to make a tutorial video will still be spending time going through all the features and functions before uploading something worthwhile.

It is certainly a very interesting keyboard and has garnered a lot more interest than many past PSR releases. Probably in part due to its association with Genos although from what I have seen I would say it has far more in common with previous PSR's than Genos?
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