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Re: New 2019 Fantom

Unread post by Saul »

I haven't checked on that but it would seem an odd decision by Roland not to allow you to map user samples across the keys :think:

It also seems a backward step. I cannot understand why Roland ditched their "skip back sampling" feature that was on the Fantom X, Fantom XA and Fantom G. I think it might have been on the Fantom S also?

It was an incredibly useful feature.

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Re: New 2019 Fantom

Unread post by EXer »

mick_n wrote:
Wed Mar 11, 2020 12:25 pm
I was ready to pull the trigger on the Roland until i realised that user samples cannot be mapped across the key range to make patches that use user samples/wav's.
Yes, the lack of multisamples support is a shame.

On the Juno-DS that feature was added later with an OS update. So why isn't it there in the Fantom from the start?

The new Fantom looks well thought out and promising, but it seems the Roland marketing department compel their engineers to add that typical Roland taste of not-completely-baked (*) to all their products.

(*) e.g. the notes generated by the arpeggiator of the V-Synth XT module cannot be output via MIDI (contrary to the V-Synth keyboard), thereby depriving its users from using that very powerful arpeggiator to drive e.g. an external analog synth :evil:
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Re: New 2019 Fantom

Unread post by squishmusic »

I am after some Roland sounds on a synth or box.
Anyway, locally to me a Fantom XA has come up for 280€
Is this a good deal? (it looks all ok from pics)

I havent found much online of where it fits in the Fantom range? is it same as the XR rack?
Also is the synth engine the same as/similar to the JV range (since I also see a JV1010 going for 100€ less).


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