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Midi question

Unread post by Novanut »

Hi. New/Old (very old) kid here and not sure if I'm in the right place. If so, here's my story. If not, kick me down some other road...

Yamaha DGX-640.

Not very well versed on its many uses yet and I know the learning curve is going to be steep, especially for an O.M. like me. :}
I managed to create a drum roll and save it to usb for a video project. However, when I played it back using quicktime the only sound that came through was the piano keys hit, not the drum roll. Maybe because it's a Midi? Trying to find a site for conversion to mp3 but they all look 'sinister', as in, spam types. :{

All thoughts appreciated... (all the nice ones, anyway)

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Re: Midi question

Unread post by SeaGtGruff »

It should be easy to fix.

Either move the MIDI notes to channel 10, or use a different MIDI player that lets you assign a drum kit to whichever channel the notes are currently on, which I assume is channel 1.

Do you need to use Quicktime for the project, or is that just the app that your computer automatically used to play the file?

Also, what operating system does your computer use, Windows or macOS?
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