Casio FZ-1/VZ-1 Aftermarket screen?

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Re: Casio FZ-1/VZ-1 Aftermarket screen?

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Hi to all partners in CASIO FZ and the others models. I am new here. I found this forum many years ago, but I decide to connect with guys because my CASIO FZ 1 had the lcd changed and I did the same as many. I sadly, after a good first try of blue foil paper change, disconnected the fragile ribbon cable. Is not broken but untaped or de-glued... so If I press the connector to the PCB or board then the characters appear, but I'm not a dedicated electronic guy and don't have fancy equipment. So I am asking to join the venture for a LCD replacement so I can buy it and mount in a simply way. Please count on me to be another CASIO FZ 1 Owner to have a brand new lcd working on my Casio Synth Sampler. Thanks.

Sincerely SANDY. 8)

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Re: Casio FZ-1/VZ-1 Aftermarket screen?

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The amber backlight looks really great !
Amazing work as usual !

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