Yamaha PSR-E373 destroys the competition?

Featuring a newly developed tone generator LSI, the PSR-E373 and PSR-EW310 bring high end sound to the entry level.

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Re: Yamaha PSR-E373 destroys the competition?

Unread post by Saul »

You are up and about early there Shelly!

In the USA the PSR-E373 is defintly a super value for money keyboard. The acoustic pianos, strings, flutes etc are worth that money on their own but if you add in the many other features I think Yamaha has clearly taken the lead back from Casio. (Y)

I would probably use it more as a controller keyboard than anything else. The styles would never get used that's for sure ;)

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Re: Yamaha PSR-E373 destroys the competition?

Unread post by shelly0624 »

Yeah, I was up and couldn't sleep so I took some melatonin and got a couple more hours. :D
I don't use the styles either but I'll play around with them in the future maybe. I want anything I do to be stand-alone so I can learn to play with both hands.

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