Does showing the cover of a book you have for sale on eBay v

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Re: Does showing the cover of a book you have for sale on eBay v

Unread post by parametric »

EX5_etc wrote:
Wed May 15, 2019 3:34 am
The only reason the original question came up is because the "holder" of the copyright wanted to sell more new books. Advertising a used copy spoiled the profit margin for her. To me she is nothing more than one of those creeps that look in the mirror every morning, admire themselves for all they have "accomplished" and feel good about it.

Again, go on all of you, and rant the hell out of this story.

Completely agree.

This seems to be nothing more than a veiled (or not-so veiled) attempt to make the second-hand

market illegal. Perhaps I have no further use for an Item I have bought . . . . SO WHAT?

This DOES NOT mean that it suddenly has NO VALUE . . . :x

For Software products this obviously highlights the need for easily transferable licences . . . .

There is no reason to deny this ability - other than GREED . . . .

The new owner may well embrace the product and update or upgrade it . . . . ?

Second-hand book shops have existed for YEARS - and why not . . . ?

I suggest people just carry on as normal. Let those who think they have an Axe to grind litigate away . .

Those who sit on the bench will become tired of dealing with a torrent of trivial cases, and eventually,

the Treacle-Heads who thought this up will be seen to be the Arseholes they are.

We are NOT talking about Copyright infringement here - but a transfer of OWNERSHIP. That's All!

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Re: Does showing the cover of a book you have for sale on eBay v

Unread post by Saul »

It has nothing to do with "political correctness" it is copyright law, they are entirely different things. And as someone who has been on the receiving end of several DMCA notices I know all too well what they can and cannot do!

Libraries do pay for the books they stock and the authors receive royalties. Also people do pay for the books via their local taxes. That is what funds the libraries.

Loaning books free of charge does not infringe copyright because it is still one book, in it's original form and not loaned for profit. The person or organisation loaning the books has not re-printed them for the purpose. That would infringe copyright because the author or publisher would need to give permission for the printing of new copies of the books for the express purpose of lending them out free of charge and I doubt any publisher would be happy to do that.

Of course we have had second hand book stores ever since books were first printed so it is a well established common practice that no one is about to put a stop to any time soon. Even disgruntled authors! After all it is not as if hundreds of copies of their work has beed printed and is being sold..which would indeed affect their profits. Selling a used copy would not.

You could argue that you have bought an Xbox or CD or whatever and it is yours to do what you like with but in law that is not always the case. If you read the t&c's before buying you would sometimes fine that you are actually paying for a license to use the item, not to hack it or redistribute it. You may see that as unfair or unjust but then you also have the option to simply not buy anything that imposes those restrictions.

Yeah I know in the real world most of us don't read the T&C's when buying a console or most other things but that doesn't change the fact that they are there.

People who create products need to make a living and indeed deserve to be compensated for their efforts. Why should someone not profit from their work?

There is of course "fair use" and I honestly don't think anyone is going to be prosecuted for hacking their own Xbox "for their personal use" unless of course that also involves getting something free online as a result.

Copyright has become a complex web that affects everyone and I think perhaps the scales have now tilted too far in the wrong direction.

I am not saying people should or should not abide by all this stuff. It is up to each one of us to decide and we'll leave it at that.
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