DynaSample Expression for sale

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Al King
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DynaSample Expression for sale

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My name is Al King and I am a Yamaha WX-5 player. I built a gig rig using three synths, a DynaSample Expression, a VL70m, and a Roland XV-2020. I set it up so that the DynaSample is the main controller for itself and the other two synths. I midi daisy chained the three with DynaSample as midi 0, the VL70m as midi 1, and the XV-2020 as midi 2. The DynaSample controller is programmed to select instruments from any combination of the three synths and banks within those synths. So, in effect, if you purchase the DynaSample from me, you will be able to select multiple instruments from the VL70m and XV-2020 as well as the DynaSample. I pre-loaded dozens and dozens of various instrument combinations of single, double, and triple in presets so you can play from one to three instruments simultaneously. You can program any instrument from any bank of any synth to create your own unique sounds and balance volumes to give you that special mix. You can program each instrument to occupy a certain octave range so three instruments could be played as singe instruments from one preset depending on what octave you are in. If you have the synth or synths you could be playing all three within minutes of making the midi connections.
I am getting older and slower and have decided to quit the professional circuit. I spent many months setting up and programming, time you will directly benefit from. I am asking $1300 for the DynaSample Expression, which comes with everything you get with a new unit, as well as the control programming and a huge number of instruments and instrument combinations in multiple banks. US sale only. Contact me for more info and pictures. The DynaSample Expression is in excellent condition, being well protected in the gig rig. 352-237-6708 or email me via the Contact: bubble on the right . . . .

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Re: DynaSample Expression for sale

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Is your Xpression unit still for sale?

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