Help with Understanding Truss Rod on RGX-TT

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Help with Understanding Truss Rod on RGX-TT

Unread post by Buffz90 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:50 am

Hi All -- I've recently acquired a Yamaha RGX-TT. My first good Yamaha electric. Really blown away by the quality of the design and engineering.

One problem though: I'm getting fret buzz on first two frets with the high E string. It looks to me like the neck needs some relief. It's straight or maybe even has slight back bow.

I know the truss rod adjustment is on the side of the neck. BUT: I don't know which way to turn it to add relief. I've turned it about half a rotation counterclockwise and nothing's changed in the neck. So wanted to seek out some advice before turning any more.

Thanks in advance!

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