Yamaha RGX 1203s Pickup Replacement ?s Help

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Yamaha RGX 1203s Pickup Replacement ?s Help

Unread post by Pink Lady » Mon Mar 04, 2019 4:23 am

Hi, I bought a 1987 RGX 1203s back in 2006 that had a DOA middle pickup. NBD, didn't really use the middle on my other guitars until recently. So I decided to put in a new pickup -- a DiMarzio True Velvet middle. It works, but the original pickups are three conductors (the unshielded third wire going to the direct drive toggle switch, whatever that does) and the True Velvet only has two wires. Now I'm thinking about replacing the neck and bridge pickups (and maybe the True Velvet) but have no idea how to wire 4 conductor pickups to this setup. I downloaded the Yamaha manual for this model and it's no help. Or are there 3 conductor pickups out there for purchase, which have yet to show up in my goggle searches? I can do the soldering myself, no problem.

Any pickup suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!

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