MSG and AEX1500 from Martyn Booth

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MSG and AEX1500 from Martyn Booth

Unread post by balston11 »

Some of you may recall the discussion about whether or not MSGs were ever made in the UK I decided to ask Martyn Booth and nice guy that he is he replied straight away I thought some of you might be interested in what he had to say the picture he refers to is on my MSG pages on my web site and he is slightly wrong in that we now know some MSGs were made in Japan probably after he left Yamaha anyway here's what he had to say

Hi Bill

Nice to hear from you! I've just had a quick look at your website - keep up
the good work!

The picture of me on the MSG page was taken in the old workshop in Mount
Avenue, Bletchley where I did the design work on the MSG and three others
which never got into production.

The AEX1500 also started life there after I had a meeting with Martin Taylor
to discuss the specification he wanted. I had the idea of mixing a piezo
system in the bridge with a Johnny Smith style magnetic pickup which he
liked and subsequently used on the "Nicole/Papa" Renault Clio adverts of the
time. Basic design work was then sent to Jackie Minacucchi in Japan and was
finally completed after I had left the company.

All the MSG guitars were made in Taiwan apart from the mock-up prototype
which I took over in two parts in a suitcase! During the years I was at
Yamaha all MSG guitars were QC inspected and set up before despatch to the
dealers by me or Mick Sweeney. I left at the end of December 1990 (Yamaha
had informed me they were closing the MSG production line as the American
market wanted to run American designs rather than any from the UK.)

As the US market was 50% of the total at the time, even the MSG was no
longer viable and as far as I am aware the last ones were made in November

I have a huge file of MSG info! In those days all the communication during
the production set up was done by fax so you can imagine how slow it all
was. I also have some original brochures and service/parts lists, and photos
of the prototypes. One day I'll get to sorting it all out!

Best regards

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Re: MSG and AEX1500 from Martyn Booth

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That pretty cool that Martyn Booth responded. Yamaha seems to keep their outside designers in the dark. I was reading about those T100C and T50C amps designed by Soldano that were cheapen from the original design to save cost but doesn't measure up to Soldano's amps.

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