Power off message - Voices & samples gone

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Power off message - Voices & samples gone

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When I turned on my EX5 last night the message "Turn power of immediately!" appeared. I quickly turned it off. When I turned the EX5 back on I found all the Internal voices and samples in the Flash were erased. I loaded my synth voices and some samples to Flash. Fortunately, when I turn the power on, my sounds have remained in the EX5. So it doesn't seem to be the battery. I checked the power cable and it appears to by fine. The EX5 manual doesn't list a power off message. I wonder what happened? Has anyone else had this experience?

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Re: Power off message - Voices & samples gone

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I’ve not seen it on the EX5 before, but I know that corrupt voice data can cause problems like crashes, so maybe this is an exception handler type trap.

It has been reported on the EX5’s predecessor

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Re: Power off message - Voices & samples gone

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I can't recall seeing any such and can't find any information on it. It seems vaguely familiar, perhaps from the 'System Initialization' procedure so I wonder if you accidentally triggered this process which would certainly have the effect you describe. It is in the manual if you want to review it, meanwhile I advise you run the internal diagnostics for an overall check. N.B. back up user voices, flash, etc. first to be safe!
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