Finally acquired a CS6x!

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Finally acquired a CS6x!

Unread post by FailedMuso »

16 years ago, under a previous username (Lovesign... long story!), I was apparently the first person to post on the CS1/2/6 X board. Back then, I owned a CS1x, which I had picked up when it first came out. I loved that thing for a while. I even bought the SU10 sampler to sit on that special lip! But I eventually sold it, along with a few other bits of gear, to fund another gear purchase. I came to regret it a bit, and always thought about picking another one up or, better still, finding a decent example of the CS6x.

Well, after all this time, I managed to find a CS6x in very reasonable condition for a great price and it is as impressive as I thought it would be all those years ago. It is very clearly of its time, sonically, but despite that, it is a very powerful beast and my plan is to find a PLG150-VL, DX and maybe the AN boards to broaden its palette.

A Facebook friend has just created a set of new patches for it and I'm hoping to pick those up as soon as they are available. His motivation was to create a substantial set of patches and performances that were not so "dance oriented" as the factory presets and other 3rd party libraries. Do any other CS6x/r users have any recommendations for 3rd party patches?

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Re: Finally acquired a CS6x!

Unread post by iixorb »

I agree - the CS6X is a really great sounding keyboard. About once a year I get mine out with a view to selling it, but as soon as I start to play it again, I can’t part with it !!

The patches have a degree of depth and spatial range that I’ve never really heard on anything else, even cutting edge VSTs.

The CS2X is another good keyboard too, but at the budget end of the range.

I could never get on with the AN1X though and ended up selling my one. I don’t have the time to go in depth, so unless a synth grabs me straight away AND has plenty of user slots I can use without having to delete the presets, then I lose interest pretty quickly. The DX7 is one exception and is an all time favourite for me.

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