Service manuals ..or something for AN1x Motif6

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Service manuals ..or something for AN1x Motif6

Unread post by Biomekkanik »

If this Subject is in the wrong section - tell me.
I need tips ,directions, an image of the insides, before I wreck my keyboards even more ;)

Most of the buttons on my An1x is not responding anymore.
I have already replaced the ribbon controller so I remember that it ,even though a simple synth , there was this "tricky" little heap of eletronics inside of it underneath the frontpanel.

Motif 6: I need to replace a key. I haven't looked inside of it yet - but usually one needs to unscrew A LOT of things before getting to the keyboard.

Would be very grateful for someones help!

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Unread post by Clyde »

Hi Biomekkanik,
Welcome to the Forums! Perhaps one of our more technically oriented members can offer some advice.
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