Hammond organ sound/effects

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Hammond organ sound/effects

Unread post by MarkLev »

Has anyone been able to create Hammond organ sound/effects on the CS6X? I would welcome any advice & can use samples or adapt existing sounds.....

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Re: Hammond organ sound/effects

Unread post by Derek »

Hi, I presume the CS6X has at least some organ samples in its AWM memory which you will need as a start point. You'll probably find different combinations of drawbar settings, which you can combine in a voice using the element structure.

In terms of getting the sound then you will need to look in the effects section for a "rotary speaker simulator" which you'll need as a Hammond without a Leslie (rotary speaker) is like peaches without cream.

If you want a "rock" sound then you also probably want to add in an amp simulator to get a bit of distortion and overdrive.

And of course taking existing patches and editing them is a good way of starting to adapt a sound to your needs.

TBH, after playing a Hammond Simulator (NI B4II) for a few years, then AWM based organs don't really get the realism that I was after. When you start analysing what makes up a Hammond sound then simulation is the way to go if you can.
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