YAMAHA AW16G - Missing Knobs + A Tip ;)

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YAMAHA AW16G - Missing Knobs + A Tip ;)

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Got a fully functioning AW16G a couple of days ago. Studio layoff so ~ £50,- :D

Well, fully functioning except for one missing white channel-fader, the Dynamics-knob and a POT-spacer-circle.
Where do I get that, or rather, can anyone confirm if Yamaha still have those parts? - the fader looks like the LS9 one, so
they might probably have that, but Dynamics-knob and a circle-spacer?

And a tip!!
In the one I've got, there were 3 empty screw-holes on the fader/knob pcb's (easy to spot) inside, supposed to support the pcb's. The holes have never been used before, but after mounting 3 screws in those holes, the buttons in the MENU and PAD-section feels way more sturdy when pressed - PCB bending gone!

If You have one It's worth doing! (unless of course there ARE screws already in those 3 holes, and mine was suffering a assembly 'mistake') :)

Brilliant Mixer/Recorder btw (despite it's age) 8)


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