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Re: Yamaha DS55 Issue...

Unread post by Amalgam » Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:06 pm

Finally, after five years of waiting I’ve managed to solve the broken keys problem. My DS55 had 5 malfunctioning keys because of metal strips underneath them having come loose. The solution came from a keybed from an YS200. I kept that part, as I had to discard the keyboard, after it died on me when a soldering job went wrong.
As sad as that was, as good it was to find out that the keybed of the YS200 is compatible with the DS55. That is, the keys are compatible, not the board that holds them together.
The second factor of the solution was “a deep breath”, namely assembling the courage to unscrew the DS55 in an attempt to reach the keybed and finding out how to take out those damned “broken keys”. There was a chance of screwing up the DS 55 during the process, but fortunately it didn’t end as bad as with the YS 200. I could dislodge the bad keys carefully with a butter knife, replacing them with YS 200 keys. Once that was done I meticulously put all the screws back into place. For each group of screws I had a separate holder in order not to get confused.
So then, after a while I had the DS complete and the keybed was all okidoki again!
Glad it works again. And to be honest, that YS 200 was very ugly anyway. Those easy edit knobs always seemed like loose molars to me.
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