DX7 LCD upgrade question 1602a pins

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DX7 LCD upgrade question 1602a pins

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Hello all -

I'm new here. I recently picked up a very beat-up DX7. I've taken it apart, cleaned everything out & fixed a couple of keys that had been knocked out. It looks like it belonged to a high school band, so I'm sure you can imagine the dirt/wear.

Anyway, the screen was semi-functional but I figured I'd just replace it rather than try to fix it. I picked up a 1602A screen that I guess is used for Arduino projects, but I was told is pin-compatible with the DX7's screens - the only difference is the last 2 pins on the 1602A are ground and +5V power for the backlight.

My question is (and keep in mind I know nothing about things like soldering or electronics) how do I supply it with the correct voltage and ground?

I saw on the diagram of the DX7 there's an unused connector, C6, that has a +5v. Could I use that and then just run the ground to one of the ground wires on the case? If not, is there a good/proven method for making this connection?

Thank you!

Paul Griswold

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