Wx7 service repair manual

This section covers Yamaha wind instruments such as the Venova YVS-120 and YVS-100 as well as MIDI controllers WX5, WX7 and WX11.

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Re: Wx7 service repair manual

Unread post by cloudburst » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:38 pm

@Demented7th - I replaced the caps like-for-like with 47uF.

@desmondo - Ah yes, I vaguely remember replacing each pair of parallel-wired 47uF caps with a single 100uF cap. In the days that the WX-7 was made, it wasn’t possible to get 100uF in a small enough form factor.
Regarding your request for photos, I looked back, but don't have photos of the process. The caps in question are on the "DM circuit board" which is close to the mouthpiece of the WX-7.

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