Yamaha Alto Venova YVS-120: First Impression and Review

This section covers Yamaha wind instruments such as the Venova YVS-120 and YVS-100 as well as MIDI controllers WX5, WX7 and WX11.

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Re: Yamaha Alto Venova YVS-120: First Impression and Review

Unread post by shelly0624 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:50 am

If you have a choice between an authentic sax and the Venova, I would go with the saxophone. The Venova is meant to be a "casual" wind instrument, something you can pack around and not worry about it getting damaged or wet. The other saxophones you mentioned are serious instruments and if you want your child to grow musically, I would go with those. The Venova is a fun instrument and actually meant to be something you can take along and play when you can't pack your sax with you. I recently got a mini keyboard because I can't pack a 61-key keyboard with me camping.. but I like to play SOMETHING while my instrument is at home. Same with the Venova.. the same idea. But the two kinds of wind instruments, resin or brass, play a little differently.. Something to consider in your child's beginning learning process. If your child is considering band class, they may only allow the typical brass type. It varies. A Venova is really fun, but a saxophone is better for future advancement and a little easier to play, I think. The fingering is much easier on the Venova but you have to mouth the reed a bit differently or it can be "pitchy". Embouchure is an important part of learning and you want it to be consistent (familiar) if your child moves on to another, upgraded sax. If they get skilled, they might want to pack a Venova for fun, who knows? :D
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Re: Yamaha Alto Venova YVS-120: First Impression and Review

Unread post by Saul » Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:59 am

Excellent answers there Shelly ((i)) ((i)) ((i))

Almost makes me want to buy a Sax myself :)
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