Wx7 service repair manual

This section covers Yamaha wind instruments such as the Venova YVS-120 and YVS-100 as well as MIDI controllers WX5, WX7 and WX11.

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Re: Wx7 service repair manual

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@Demented7th - I replaced the caps like-for-like with 47uF.

@desmondo - Ah yes, I vaguely remember replacing each pair of parallel-wired 47uF caps with a single 100uF cap. In the days that the WX-7 was made, it wasn’t possible to get 100uF in a small enough form factor.
Regarding your request for photos, I looked back, but don't have photos of the process. The caps in question are on the "DM circuit board" which is close to the mouthpiece of the WX-7.


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Re: Wx7 service repair manual

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This message is for Cloudburst. I have a wx7 and I’m trying to get the part number from the service manual for the rubber gasket that the mouthpiece pushes on to. The gasket is sort of cylindrical shape and has 3 holes in it. Do you happen to have that part number? I’m trying to get a new gasket.
I saw some old posts of yours mentioning you had the service manual. Thanks, Andy

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Re: Wx7 service repair manual

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cloudburst wrote:
Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:15 pm
If you”re referring to the C / Low B key, then the part number is VD440700.

Thanks for this info. I 3D printed a splint and glued it on and it has been working. Now I'm trying to fix some other things.

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