Midi Mapping for wind controllers WX7 WX11 etc

This section covers the WX5/WX7/WX11

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Midi Mapping for wind controllers WX7 WX11 etc

Unread post by Blo » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:29 pm

I play a VL-70m which has the Patchman chip and a Roland XV2020 with Patchman voices, I'd recommend both. Apparently Yamaha synths are often breath controller friendly, this is the case with my TG77, mostly though synth voices were designed to be played with a keyboard.

There's some info on the web, I wondered if anyone here has experience of midi mapping using a Midi Solutions Event Processor or some other software mapping tool for a wind controller? I've bought an Event Processor and the configuration software here runs under Linux Wine (Windows and Mac available too).

I forgot to mention that Midi Solutions Event Processor is powered from Midi-in. Their website lists the WX7 as not providing power, the WX11 and WX5 though not listed would be probably be similar. I can though plug my WX7 into a VL-70m then midi-thru to the Event Processor box then on into my Roland xv-2020, this works. I've experimented with altering the wiring in my WW-Bat to avoid having to use my VL-70m. I can power up the Event Processor with my modification but then the WX7 doesn't play. Back to the drawing board!
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Re: Midi Mapping for wind controllers WX7 WX11 etc

Unread post by AndyHornBlower » Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:48 pm

I think the problem may be that the MEP requires a 5V MIDI Out, plugged into the In socket, to power it. Maybe the WW-Bat output is at a lower voltage?

The output is officially a current, but it's sourced from a 5V, or sometimes 3V or 3.3V supply line, via a resistor. That doesn't make any difference to powering the LED in the opto isolator of the thing it's plugged into, provided the resistor was chosen to match the voltage - to give 5-10mA. Powering things from that signal is not a part of the MIDI spec though, so things get messy.

For 5V, the resistor is 220 Ohms. If you have some other voltage as the source, or some other resistor value, the MEP might not be able to get power from it.

One possible solution would be to get a powered Through box - one that's powered by a wall wart, or maybe USB, and put that between the output of the MEP and the input of the XV-2020... or try it between the WW-Bat and the MEP, to make sure the MEP gets powered properly.

Also, look at that output of the MEP with whatever the Linux equivalent of MIDI-OX is (maybe you can run that under WINE?), to make sure it's not doing something unexpected.
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