New member here with a MM6 and Cubase problem

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New member here with a MM6 and Cubase problem

Unread post by MothersBadSon »

Hello, my name is Rick and I live near Seattle in the US. I am a one man band kind of thing, releasing under the name "Mothers Bad Son" with a fairly decent home studio, computer based.

I bought a Yamaha MM6 because I didn't want to use VSTi's anymore. Then I bought Cubase 6 because it would let me use the MM6's internal sounds as an "external instrument". I have the USB driver installed and the MM6 .XML script in the right hidden folder and I can add the MM6 as a MIDI input and output device to a MIDI track and have it record and playback a single voicing as MIDI data with the correct sound.

My problem is that I want to record into Cubase 6.5 the MM6 "patterns" as MIDI data with each instrument on a separate track in Cubase because...

The MM6 will not allow me to mute the bass part and just record, for example, drums, strings and organ from a "pattern" played in real time with chord changes as AUDIO. To record the "pattern" with all the instruments playing, the drums and Bass are hooked together internally for some reason and if I wanted to remove the bass line I can't, doing it just with the MM6's audio output.

So I am looking to MIDI to play and record those pattern parts on separate MIDI tracks so I can remove the track with the bass data and add live bass as audio later. I don't know how to set up Cubase to record the MM6 midi output with all the PATTERN instruments on separate tracks. Where I am right now is I can add the MM6 as a VST instrument and Cubase asks me if I want to open a MIDI track. I say yes and now I have the MIDI track with the MM6 showing. When I start the MM6 and start finger pattern play it sounds fine but as soon as I arm the track to record in Cubase 6.5 I get the pattern playing a TON of junk sounds that seem to me the wrong instruments playing some parts. Un-arm the record button and it sounds normal. I can record the this noise coming out of the MM6 but it sounds like noise on playback even if I just add a MIDI track, set the MM6 as input and output and push record.

I think I am missing something pertaining to importing all the notes from the "patterns" playing the correct instruments into Cubase 6.5 on separate tracks using the MM6 as an input device and also a sound module for playback until I bounce them to audio or remove them as needed. Is this even possible?

I think I am close I just don't know how to get the MM6 to record its "patterns" into Cubase 6.5 using "pattern" play with all the instruments playing their right parts and recording on separate tracks like a MIDI file should be able to be made to do (drums on 10 for example). I thought that even if I had to do it on one track I could still edit the pattern and remove just the bass notes but that would be a pain.

I am looking for any ideas on how to make Cubase record everything the MM6 is putting out in pattern play and making it all sound right. I am to the point now where I am baffled. I have an MM6.XML file in the hidden Cubase folder, I can record single tracks and instrument tracks but when I try to record a pattern as editable separate MIDI data tracks I'm stumped.

In a perfect world I guess I would like each instrument to record data on its own channel so I can convert the MIDI data to audio and use it as I need it. However when I start a new project I can add 16 midi tracks, arm them all and they each record the same "junk" when I use pattern play on the MM6 with "finger" mode even though they are all set to record different channels (1-16). Can you point me to anything that shows me how to set up Cubase this way?

Is there hope or maybe this is not even possible with the MM6 in which case I made a expensive mistake if I can't record the patterns as editable standard MIDI files.


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Re: New member here with a MM6 and Cubase problem

Unread post by Clyde »

Hi Rick,
Welcome to the Forums! I tried to look at the MM6 .pdf version of the manual, unfortunately there was an error message that the file had a flaw which could not be fixed. What does your owner's manual say about patterns and recording? On my synths, I would record a pattern on the synth onboard sequencer rather than a software program, then transfer that midi data to the software. This part concerns me "using the MM6 as an input device and also a sound module for playback until I bounce them to audio or remove them as needed". There are two distinct types of tracks audio and midi, the midi data contains no audio and the audio data contains no midi, so you can let the midi play the MM6 and record the resulting audio as audio data, you cannot "bounce" midi data to audio and vice versa. Perhaps an MM6 owner that uses Cubase can give you some better answers, I took the computer out of my rig many years ago as I prefer to work on hardware only.
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Re: New member here with a MM6 and Cubase problem

Unread post by synthjoe »

Although there are different viable solutions to record pattern data, in this particular case I'd suggest the following. Record the pattern as an SMF song (MIDI file - see page 70 of the MM6 manual), then load the resulting midi file into Cubase. You'll get each instrument on a different track, so you should be able to work quite comfortably from there. Only thing is that the pattern will not be looped, but you can sort that out in Cubase, again, in a number of ways.

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